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ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 is not like just another clone but we have taken the best and most popular features from a range of other scripts and websites to create the ultimate website outlook clone software.

Auto-Pilot Income

ScriptGet WVA2 has been designed to make you money in a whole variety of ways to ensure that you have a consistent income around the clock

Create Websiteoutlook Clone Website in Minute

What is ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer?

Whether you wish to build a brand new template driven website or even do SEO research regarding your competition, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 is what every individual needs.

Without the need for going to different websites and gathering information, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 does it all for you using a single mouse click!

This software (which is a PHP, MySQL based script) that takes virtually any domain name and fetches information regarding that domain / website in question and presents itself on a single page. It has an extremely user-friendly interface and has its own tag generation tool as well as its own sitemaps.

You really don’t need to lift a finger to do anything else when it comes to fetching information about your business competition and for anyone else too!

A Portal?

Yes, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 shall create a full functional portal for you using a seamless installation process. You can either generate information of websites on your own using a very simple interface or visitors can also generate and gather information about any website they might choose.

A lot of our customers are earning handsomely using this software. What are YOU waiting for?

More instructions on usage are given below.

Look at the table below:

This table shows you the number of domains that are currently active or deleted.

That’s how large your portal can be using ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2! Imagine having information about every domain there ever was? Your visitors will stick like glue to your site to get more information!

Visitors = Money and that’s what ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 does for you.

Here is where you can see ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 in action – DEMO


Front End Detail


ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 is intelligent software.

Ajax Based Update:

Whenever a visitor to your website generates their own domain information, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 intelligently uses AJAX to update this. Which means that visitors stay longer on your page since it refreshes on the fly thus server loads are at a bare minimum



Complete Website Detail:

With ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2, information about ANY website is at your fingertips.

Not only does ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 get you name server details, whois information and server location of any website; it also allows you to get the number of backlinks, Google pagerank, Alexa rank, inbound and outbound links and not to mention, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 innovatively uses an interactive version of Google Maps and graphical information to display all of the above information and more!



Website Rank by Country & Subdomain
ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 generates a comprehensive world map showing traffic statistics to any website. Which country has the large number of visitors and their world ranking data if any.

ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer also generates subdomain information (if the said website makes use of subdomains) in an easy to understand pie chart whereby traffic distribution statistics are a breeze to understand.



On the Internet, Content is King. And we agree!
Which is why ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer makes intelligent use of gathering BONUS content for your portal? Not only do you have all the information you need to display to other visitors, ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer V2 will display the latest tweets from Twitter and update these tweets every time the information is refreshed!

Hence you have unique content and fresh content anytime and every time!



ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer Widget - Who doesn’t want to show off?

ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer also gives you an image / text based widget that once again intelligently places generated text on an image so that if any visitor chooses, they can place this image on their website and form an automatic link back to your portal! Even the embedding code is displayed so that they can do it immediately.



Similer Domain Name

With this script your visitor can see where website hosted and how many domain name are hosted on the same IP, also you visitor could see similer domain name based on there keywords and also find out there compitetor rank, worth, and much more.


BUY NOW $35.90 ONLY!

Backend Information: Website value calculator & Analyzer


Ad Management

With Ad Managment area you could manage website advertisment and also add some tracking code in your website to find out visitor detail, ad management area is very stable and easy to use.



Check domain report with Chart

In New ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer you could get a new featuer its called domain reporting, with this featuer you could check how many domain name generate each month and also its display domain reporting detail based on country which show you how many domain are generate from witch country.



Generated domain name INFO

In ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer, your are able to edit/delete/view/update any domain info from admin panel, in this new update you could export your data to EXCEL or in HTML, also in this script you are able to enable any domain name for futured list which display on the home page,



Website Configuration

In ScriptGet Website Value Analyzer your are able to edit website setting from admin panel, in setting panel you could change database setting, website title, url and license key.. and also you could enable disabled the pluging from admin panel without editing any php file.


Main Features:

  1. Step by Step Installation
  2. New Comment System (using
  3. Get Social Bookmarking sites backlink
  4. Get Website server Info
  5. Website Hosting Server City, Country detail
  6. Alexa Ranks (Improve)
  7. Pagerank (improved)
  8. DMOZ Directory Display
  9. MyWot Ranking System Display site ranking is this site is safe for children.
  10. SiteAdviser Chart, Display Website chart to show is this site is link to any harmful website or not?
  11.  Automatically Generate TAGS based on the keywords, description
  12.  Automatically Generate HTML sitemap to get quick index by google and other search engine
  13. Display Tweets about any domain name
  14. Country and Subdomain Detail with Chart
  15. Mark any Website as Feature Websites
  16.  Automatically get Popular Tags and Display on FRONT PAGE
  17. Powerful Google Maps API V3
  18. Home Page with Screenshot Website Slider
  19.  Auto complete when you typing in website generating field (AUTO Suggest)
  20. Recently Visited Websites
  21. New Cache System Very Powerful, Now its time its only use 1 query at every request, but old one use 3 querys.
  22. Visitor can easily Remove there site from your database with Robots.txt file
  23. Website DNS Info
  24. Similar Domain name Based on Domain Names.
  25. Website Overview
  26. Domain Whois
  27. Remove Unwanted text from Whois (Whois filter)
  28. HIDE email from WHOIS to protect domain registrar email address
  29. New Blue Template Design.
  30. Error handling
  31. Language System
  32. Advertisement Control
  33. and Much more

Administrator Control Panel Features:

  1. MD5 Password Storing
  2. Preventing Brute Force Attacks
  3. Manage Site Settings
  4. Ad Management
  5. Display Domain Detail with Chart Based on Country, City and Date (See Screen Shot)
  6. Enable Disable Feature Site.
  7. Import CSV domain Names
  8. Generate Imported Domain name Details (Info)
  9. Website List Management.
  10. Change Admin Password.
  11. Recover Admin Password
  12. and Much More


System Requirements

  1. PHP 5+
  2. MySQL 5+
  3. GD2 to generate website badge (for EMBED CODE)
  4. cURL (to Read alexa/google/yahoo etc website for data)
  5. fOpen (Need to check ports and reading whois)
  6. safe_mode OFF (Safe_Mode must be OFF otherwise you can't info from google/alexa etc sties)
  7. open_basedir off  <== Very impotent Please make sure your hosting support open base directory off


BUY NOW $35.90 ONLY!

Hit Counter DEMO


BUY NOW $35.90 ONLY!

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